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Water Conservation

Join Mayor Teresa Barrett and the City of Petaluma in saving water, energy, and reducing pollution in a friendly competition between cities across the country.

Take the Water Pledge, April 1-30 at mywaterpledge.com

The National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation is a friendly competition between cities across the United States to see who can be the most water-wise. By pledging to take easy steps towards reducing water, energy use, and pollution, you can help our City continue to meet sustainability goals. The City of Petaluma ranked #4 in the nation in 2019, and #9 in 2018. Go to mywaterpledge.com and help Petaluma reach #1 in 2021!

Want to win a Shop Petaluma gift card? Forward your pledge confirmation email to [email protected] to be entered into our raffle!

The City of Petaluma offers many water conservation programs to help our residential and commercial customers conserve water, including rebates, water evaluations, and free water saving devices. Questions? Please call the Water Conservation line at (707) 778-4507.

Free Stuff

The City offers complimentary water-saving devices for faucets, hoses, and showers. Click here to read a list of devices and where to find them.


Learn about special rebates for high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers. You can save gallons of water each day while saving money on new fixtures and appliances.

Mulch Madness

Want to turn your thirsty lawn into a beautiful drought-friendly landscape? Get help through our Mulch Madness program, which runs in the Spring through October each year.

Water-Wise HouseCall

Get free advice on how to save water at home and at work. A water conservation expert will look at your property--inside and out--and tell you how to improve. Learn more here.

Landscaping Rules

Planning a landscaping project at your home or on commercial property? You might need to submit plans and use water-saving devices and drought-tolerant plants. Read the City's landscaping rules and get help following them.

Resources & Tips

There are so many ways to save water and energy. Check out other programs and informational sites to learn how.

Regional Partnerships

Learn how the City partners with local and state agencies -- and how those partnerships benefit our community.

Report Water Waste

Whether it's an undetected leak or an over-watered lawn, water waste hurts us all. Learn how to spot water waste and how to let us know it's happening.

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