Street Pavement

Petaluma is home to 396 lane miles of streets, 350+ miles of sidewalk, and 51 signaled intersections. These roads and walkways channel the life of our community, and keeping them in working order is a job we take very seriously. 


It’s no secret that through the years Petaluma roads have earned a reputation for being less than smooth. Well, it’s time for a change! Thank you to the Petaluma community for supporting the passage of Measure U - a 1-cent sales tax that stays local and works for our community.

Since Measure U began generating local funding in April 2021, $25 million of Measure U has and will fund repairing, reconstructing, and repaving roads citywide. We have been able to leverage this new funding and are going full-steam on substantial investments in our roads - $45m over five years, as evidenced by the major renovation of North McDowell Boulevard!

Our city streets have a long road to recovery but thanks to Measure U, and residents like you, we are on our way!

Explore the interactive map below to see what we’ve done so far what's to come.

How It Works: Paving the Way in Petaluma

Ever wondered about the decision-making behind the roads we travel every day? Discover how our data-driven approach and meticulous budget analysis shape our paving plan, a strategic blueprint dedicated to enhancing and preserving Petaluma’s pavement conditions.

Your Voice Matters: Help Us Help You

If you're concerned about a particular street, let us know! Fill out our Safe Streets nomination form to ensure your street gets the attention it deserves.

To report a pothole or a street emergency issue call (707) 778-4303, email [email protected] or use our citizen request app EngagEPetaluma.


Data Collection & Budget Analysis: Our Roadmap for Decision-Making

Every two years, Petaluma conducts a comprehensive pavement condition survey. The most recent data collection occurred in 2022, with the next scheduled for 2024. This crucial data, along with our 3-5 year paving plans, guide our strategies. We also consider factors like:

  • Collision history to improve safety.
  • Identifying streets where less costly maintenance is feasible versus those needing extensive reconstruction.
  • Proximity to schools and parks for community wellbeing.
  • Upcoming utility work that necessitates roadwork.

Tackling the Challenges: Understanding Our Streets' Past

Petaluma's journey with road maintenance has been challenging due to historically limited funding. However, with Measure U's support, we now have the means to significantly enhance our road infrastructure. Our current focus is on addressing approximately $200 million in deferred maintenance. Progress is underway, and while we can't promise overnight transformations, we're committed to making steady strides towards smoother, safer roads.

Prioritizing Needs: Why Isn't My Street Being Fixed Yet?

With over 60% of our roads in poor or failing condition, we face tough choices in allocating resources. Signs of a road in distress include:

  • Worn away slurry or seal coat.
  • Visible longitudinal and transverse cracks.
  • Extensive alligator cracking.
  • Multiple patches, new and old.
  • Noticeable rutting.

Our strategy is to maximize our funds for the broadest positive impact. We categorize streets into three groups: those needing preventive maintenance like slurry seals, those requiring more comprehensive paving, and those that demand full reconstruction. Although your street might not be on the current plan, rest assured, our goal is to improve every street in Petaluma.

Recent major projects include:

  • N. McDowell Boulevard (Sunrise Parkway to Old Redwood Highway)
  • Garfield Drive
  • Petaluma Boulevard South
  • Maria Drive
  • Sonoma Mountain Parkway

We're also excited about upcoming paving projects near several local schools, enhancing safety and accessibility for our young residents.

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