Water Delivery & Quality

Water Quality

The City of Petaluma wants people to know as much as possible about our water quality and supply. In our experience, the more informed people are about their tap water quality, the more confidence they have in it. The City strives to continue to deliver the best quality water to our customers staying well within the strict federal EPA, and California Division of Drinking Water guidelines. Below is a list of water quality reports you can review.

If you have questions or concerns regarding water quality, please contact the City of Petaluma Public Works & Utilities Department at (707) 778-4546.

Concerned about how the current epidemic impacts our drinking water? To learn more, read article by Grant Davis, General Manager of Sonoma Water - Close to Home: Essential, reliable, clean - event during epidemics.

Water Quality Report

Our latest Annual Water Quality Report describes where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to the state and federal drinking water standards

Download the latest Water Quality Report.

Previous Water Quality Reports:

2020 Annual Water Quality Report

2019 Annual Water Quality Report

2018 Annual Water Quality Report

2017 Annual Water Quality Report

2016 Annual Water Quality Report

2015 Annual Water Quality Report

2014 Annual Water Quality Report

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We work hard to make sure our customers have clean, good-tasting water on demand.

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