Engineering a Safe City

We manage projects, oversee development within the city, administer the City's flood plain program, and make sure traffic within the city runs smoothly.

Capital Improvements

We are in charge of big projects that improve City property and infrastructure. We work with other City staff, the City Manager, and the City Council to decide what to tackle and when. After being given our list of "To-Dos," we then come up with a budget and timeline, find money from grants or City funds, hire help as needed, and then oversee the work itself.

Development Engineering

We make sure that all development within the City happens safely. We study the impact of new housing or business projects and confirm that projects are designed to be structurally sound.

Flood Plain Management

Parts of Petaluma are in a flood plain. The City has worked hard over the past two decades to reconfigure the Petaluma River so that flooding happens in fewer places. Managing our flood plain is a responsibility we take seriously.

Traffic Engineering Division

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for establishing and operating a safe and efficient transportation network. This includes the city streets and crosswalks, traffic control devices, bicycle facilities, curb space, and roadway signs and markings.

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