Public Library New Fire Suppression System and ADA Improvements

Project Description 

Our Petaluma branch of the Sonoma County Library will be receiving fire safety, code compliance, and American Disability Act (ADA) upgrades to create a safer, more accessible space for our community to enjoy. These upgrades will coincide with the County’s remodeling project for the interior of the building. This investment in the library facility will complete the fire safety upgrades to meet current fire and building code requirements and make the building safer.

Why are both the City and County working on this? The City of Petaluma owns the Library building, and any components that are permanently attached to the building, are the responsibility of the City. As the tenant, the Sonoma County Library is responsible for the building interior equipment and the delivery of services and programs to the surrounding community, as well as the overall "feel" and comfort of the interiors for visitors and library staff.

Fire Safety and Code Compliance Upgrades
State Fire Code requires that publicly occupied spaces are protected with a fire suppression system. While the 2002 Community Room expansion included a new fire suppression system for that area, the original 1978 library building has not yet been retrofitted.

ADA Upgrades
Sonoma County Library’s planned improvements to the interior of the building necessitate additional ADA code requirements. California Building Code requires that a portion of the project focus on accessibility improvements to the path of travel. As the building owner, the City is required to make improvements to the building exterior. The proposed path of travel improvements includes adjusting the slope of the front entry walk, adding curb cuts at the crosswalks, repaving and restriping the parking lot, replacing the ADA parking stall surface, and adding ramps to the remaining building doors.

Project Manager  

Diane Ramirez

Project Location 

Petaluma Public Library

Traffic Impacts & Benefits  


Timeline/Project Status  

Fire Suppression - Summer 2021 – Winter 2022

ADA Improvements – Summer 2020 – Winter 2023


Funded by Facilities Impact Fee, Transient Occupancy Tax, and General Fund. The City is also applying for funding from the grant California State Library.

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Public Library New Fire Suppression System and ADA Improvements CIP Exterior
Public Library New Fire Suppression System and ADA Improvements CIP Interior
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