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McNear Park Sewer & Water Main Replacements

Project Description

The McNear Sewer and Water Main Replacement project consists of upgrading and replacing water and sewer main infrastructure in the area surrounding McNear Park.  The project consists of three distinct types of work being done.  The work includes sewer main and sewer lateral connection replacement, water main upgrade and larger water service installation, and areas where both water main/water services and sewer main replacement with paving.  Refer to the location map for more information on these distinct areas.

For residents in which sewer main replacement work is being done on their sewer lateral connection, the City would like to encourage participation in the sewer lateral grant program to replace their existing sewer lateral.  Having the lateral be replaced in conjunction with the sewer lateral main replacement would be ideal to reduce the impact and costs associated with this work. For more information regarding the sewer lateral grant program, please visit this webpage: https://cityofpetaluma.org/sewer-lateral-replacement-grant/

Traffic Impact

During construction traffic control measures will be in place to manage traffic flow in the area as well as protect the work areas. Parking along the streets may be impacted to ensure traffic flow through the area is maintained. Access to driveways and properties will be preserved at all times throughout the project. The City will make every effort possible to minimize traffic impacts to businesses/residents; however, please plan for some delays in the area and travel carefully through the work zone.

Timeline / Project Status

The design phase of the project is expected to be completed by December 2020, with bidding to occur in January 2021, and construction to begin in March 2021.

October 2020 Update: To date, City staff as well as their contractors have performed in field surveys, obtained measurements, performed studies and drilled borings to collect information for design purposes.  City staff has delivered letters to impacted residents notifying of design efforts and provided contact with City for inquiries.  An additional letter will be issued once design is complete, and the project has been bid and awarded notifying residents of further steps in the construction process.

Bid Details

Currently the project is nearing the end of the design phase and is anticipated to go out to bid on Thursday, January 28th, 2021.


Project Manager

Dan Herrera, P.E. – Senior Civil Engineer


Project Location (approximate):

The project will be taking place in areas near McNear Park, please see provided location map for additional details.

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