Mulch Madness

The Mulch Madness Season is Currently Closed. The Program will be back in the Spring of 2022.

What is Mulch Madness?

The City of Petaluma is serious about water conservation! Our Mulch Madness Program is proof of this. We are so dedicated to helping our customers save water that we are offering free mulch, compost, cardboard, and an irrigation conversion kit to qualified customers who wish to sheet mulch their existing turf. That's right, FREE! This even includes delivery of the mulch, compost, and cardboard. It's Madness!

Call (707) 778-4507 to book your on-site appointment.

How does it work?

To qualify, a single family residential and multifamily residential water customer must first sign up for a Water-Wise HouseCall, another great free program offered by the City of Petaluma. A trained Environmental Services Technician will evaluate your turf area and determine if you qualify for the program. Commercial accounts must also call first and have a representative from the City visit their site to evaluate the landscape.

Upon being qualified by the Technician, you will be provided with the contact information for the vendors whom you will be coordinating with to complete the sheet mulching project. Our vendors will be providing you with mulch, compost, cardboard, and an drip irrigation conversion kit. (Kits only available to single family residential accounts).

Program Rules and How to Qualify
Appointments are available Monday through Thursday beginning April 1, 2021 until October 1, 2021 (exact dates subject to change). This time frame coincides with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for preventing contaminants from entering the storm water collection system during the rainy season. In order to qualify for the Mulch Madness program, applicants must:

• Own the home or business and the site must have City of Petaluma water service. Non-property owners must provide written consent from the property owner to be eligible to participate in this program.

• Be actively maintaining a minimum of 500 square feet of high water-use turf landscape. Lawns that are dead, have already been removed, and areas of non-turf (weed or dirt patches) are not eligible for the program. The site must have in-ground irrigation and be regularly irrigated and maintained at the time of pre-inspection.

• Program participants have one year from date of program qualification to schedule delivery of sheet mulch material and pick up drip irrigation equipment. After one year, participants will have to schedule an appointment and be re-qualify to participate in the program. No deliveries will be made from October through May, no exceptions.

Contact info
Single family and multifamily customers can sign up online for a Water-Wise HouseCall or call (707) 778-4507. Commercial customers must call (707) 778-4507 to schedule a representative to perform a site evaluation.

photo of wheelbarrow with mulch

Transforming your water-thirsty lawn into a water-friendly oasis is much easier when you participate in our Mulch Madness program.

Water Conservation Team

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