Rainier Avenue Paving & Striping Upgrades

Project Description

Rainier Avenue will be having pavement restoration work performed. Though the current pavement condition may look good, the planned crack and slurry seal restoration will greatly extend the life of the pavement in a cost efficient manner.

The current road sees approximately 5,000 cars per day across four travel lanes in a 35mph zone. From January 1, 2017 to February 8, 2021, there were 9 car crashes at this intersection - 5 of which had injuries.

An added benefit to doing this pavement restoration work is the opportunity to install pavement markings that better support the safety of all users, especially pedestrians and bicyclists (referred to as Active Transportation). Given there are three schools in the immediate area, these added safety markers are important for the community.

We are working with the community to finalize the design, but expect the project will include pavement markings to provide a separated bike lane and bulb-outs (large semi-circular markings) at the intersection of Maria Drive.  These features provide better separation for bicyclists from motorists and offer a shorter crossing distance for pedestrians with more visibility, as well as improvements for those with limited mobility.

Project Location

The project will take place on Rainier from North McDowell Blvd. to Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

Traffic Impacts & Benefits

There will be minor delays during construction. When completed, the project will help keep the road protected and ensure more extensive reconstruction will not be required in the future and will offer improved safety conditions for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and those with limited mobility.

Timeline/Project Status

Staff is working with the community to finalize the project designs.  We hope to complete this project in 2021.

Council Goals and Priorities

This project works to meet the following City goals:

A City That Works for Everyone

  • Provide City infrastructure that is safe, sustainable, multi-use, efficient, inspiring civic pride.
    • Establish and improve paths, as useful transportation options, and make walking and biking easy, fun, and safe.
    • Better integrate multi-modal transportation with street designs

A Safe Community that Thrives

  • Maintain and enhance public safety and prepare for emergencies and disasters, through crime and fire prevention, and traffic safety.
    • Implement City Vision Zero plan with a focus on pedestrian and cyclist safety with improvements to uncontrolled crosswalks, curb ramps, sidewalk, and bicycle infrastructure.
    • Enhance pavement management program to improve the safety and serviceability of our roads to protect drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

This project will help meet our Climate Action goals by allowing roadway users to feel more comfortable and safer walking and riding bikes. Also, this project helps to implement safer routes to nearby schools.


Funding  is provided by SB-1 and Measure U.

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Rainer Crosswalk Artist Rendering
Rainer Bike Lanes Updated 1
Rainer Bike Lanes Updated 2
Rainer Lane Composition 1
Rainer Lane Composition 2
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