Backflow – Cross Connection

What is a backflow?

Backflow prevention assemblies protect the public water mains from potential contamination from the reverse flow of unauthorized or unapproved water into the City’s drinking water system, ensuring a safe water supply for our community.  Backflow prevention devices are required on all fire services (commercial or residential), some domestic services, irrigation services and all commercial services to protect the public water supply from actual or potential contamination from cross connections and/or backflow.  All backflow devices to be installed must be on the approved list from the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research, a division of the University of Southern California.

To see the current list of approved backflow prevention devices visit:

Title 17, section 7605 of the California Administrative Code and Petaluma Municipal Code, Chapter 15.09.060, requires that all backflow devices must be tested annually be a certified backflow prevention tester on the City of Petaluma’s current list of testers (see below) and must be immediately repaired if necessary.  Notice letters are sent to customers by Backflow Solutions, Inc (BSI) annually detailing testing requirements.  Failure to complete your backflow test before the due date on the notice will result in a $500 fine and the City will perform testing of the backflow device.  If a backflow device fails testing, property owners will be charged for any repair or replacement costs incurred.

List of Certified Testers

Petaluma Municipal Code, Chapter 15.09.060

Petaluma Municipal Code, Chapter 15.09.070

Petaluma Municipal Code, Chapter 15.09.100

If you have any questions regarding backflow devices or testing requirements, please contact Duane Whitten at (707) 778-4491 or [email protected]

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