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Environmental Services

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water--and other stuff--you pour down the drain or flush down the toilet?

All that used water and other stuff is called wastewater. And in Petaluma, wastewater travels from the plumbing in your home or office into the city's sewer pipes until it reaches the Ellis Creek water recycling plant. Once there, the solids and liquids get separated.  The solids get collected and turned into biofuel. The liquid goes through treatment and filtering until it's clean enough to be released into local waterways or used on area farms and sports fields.

The Environmental Services team makes sure the system doesn't get overwhelmed. They work with businesses that produce a lot of wastewater, looking for ways to clean some of the water before it gets to Ellis Creek. They also manage the City's water conservation, pollution prevention, and storm water programs.

Storm Water Program

Petaluma has been recycling water since the 1960s. Learn about our current work at the Ellis Creek Facility, including how the facility works and our new Biomass to Biofuel program.

Business Permits

Get info about the permitting requirements for businesses that discharge water into the sewer system, either as part of their regular operations or for short-duration construction projects.

Water Conservation

Learn how to reduce your use of water...and save money in the process. We have tips, tools, and rebates to help.

Report a Problem

Let us know if you are concerned about the sewer system or have another utility-related problem. Use our online tool or call 707-778-4546.

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