Street Closures and Construction

List of Closures

Street closures happen for several reasons, including City work, traffic accidents, utility repairs, special events, or other types of non-City repairs.

We inform the community about planned street closures through mailed notifications, outreach to business groups and homeowner associations, and social media. However, some closures--such as those caused by weather, accidents, or emergency repairs--happen without any warning.

To find out about planned City closures, read the Closures Spreadsheet. Project timelines are subject to change based on weather conditions, manpower, supplies/equipment needs, or other unforeseen problems.

To verify a closure, please contact the department listed on the document.

Construction Closures

Maria Drive Pavement Restoration Project - work begins September 8, 2020


Highway 101 (between Payran St. & Southpoint Blvd.) - Bike/Pedestrian Path closed mid April 2020 through late 2023.

View Caltrans' website for more information on current projects.

Pave Resto 2021 900x510

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