Sustainable Petaluma

Sustainability at Petaluma's Core

Petaluma businesses, residents and the City of Petaluma all value and strive for Sustainability, not only in environmental areas but also with financial responsibilities. In our business community, companies like EnphaseHydropoint Data and Katadyne provide elegant yet sustainable solutions to global challenges around energy, water and pollution. Nonprofits like Daily Acts and Point Blue complement Petaluma’s “Green Sector” through education and research focused on sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Climate Action Commission

The City Council recently adopted an emergency Climate Action Resolution and created a Climate Action Commission to oversee Petaluma's climate action work.

Water Recycling Facility

Petaluma's Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility uses cutting edge technology and practices to treat Petaluma's liquid waste so protects the local watershed, recycles water, and captures solid waste that can be used to fertilze land.

Water Conservation

The City has a robust water conservation program that incorporates education, rebates, water consultations, and drought-tolerant landscaping support. Free water saving devices like faucet aerators and toilet leak detection tablets help reduce water use in homes and businesses.

Groundwater Sustainability

The State of California requires local water management agencies to monitor and guide the use of groundwater. We partner with other regional water agencies as well as have our own Advisory Committee in this area.

Sustainability Action Plan

Petaluma staff developed a Sustainability Action Plan in collaboration with a local Sustainability Circle that included local industry and public agencies working together to find ways to improve sustainability at local companies and agenices.

LED Lighting Conversions

Petaluma's LED conversion project has saved 1,168,390 kWh of energy since the installation in 2018.

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