FAQ Topic: Accessory Dwelling Units

Do I need to pay development impact fees?

All ADUs less than 750 square feet, are exempt from development impact fees. All other ADUs must pay a fee, which as required by the new state legislation, must be based on the unit’s size relationship to its primary residence. More information about development impact fees is available on the City’s Planning Applications and Handouts … Continued

What makes a JADU different from a traditional ADU?

A Junior ADU or JADU is unit that is no more than 500 square feet in size and contained entirely within the walls of a single-family residence and may be constructed within an attached garage. A JADU is required to have an efficiency kitchen which complies with any applicable requirements of the Building Code, and includes a cooking … Continued

How do I obtain a permit for an accessory dwelling unit?

The City of Petaluma has recently transitioned to an all-digital Online Permit Hub. You will need to register for an account and upload all application materials to this online portal. To apply online, please visit the following link to the City’s Online Permit Hub: https://petalumaca-energovweb.tylerhost.net/apps/SelfService#/home

Does my accessory dwelling unit need a separate address?

All ADUs require a separate address, whereas JADUs are not required to obtain a separate address. New addresses are created via an Address Assignment from the Planning Division. Address Assignments applications are accepted online here, and must be completed prior to building permit issuance. JADU applicants must file an Address Assignment application if a separate address … Continued

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