FAQ Topic: AMI Water Meter Technology

Do I have to get an AMI meter?

By default, AMI meters will be installed for each water customer due to the benefits they provide our community. An opt out option will be offered for those who wish to keep their current metering technology. The current metering technology requires significantly more staff time and resources than AMI. Other cities and water districts, such … Continued

What kind of signal does AMI use?

The radio devices, which are attached to the meters, transfer the service data via wireless signal. The energy exposure from an automated meter’s radio signal or radio frequency (RF) is significantly less than common household devices, including cell phones, laptops, microwaves, baby monitors and internet routers. It is also important to understand that automated meters … Continued

Is my account information private?

Yes. The only data transmitted are your radio number, dial number, and your meter reading. Personal customer information is not transmitted.

Will AMI interfere with wireless devices in my home?

No, AMI will not interfere with any wireless devices in your home. The wireless portions of the system are operated according to Federal Communications Commission rules, and will not interfere with other radio frequencies in the area.

How can I read my meter?

Once an AMI meter is installed, you can continue to read your meter as usual. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to read your water meter.

Who is paying for AMI?

The City of Petaluma has received grant funding from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to help with the transition to AMI. This funding will be applied toward the cost of the new meters and their installation.  

How do I access the Eye on Water online portal?

First: Sign up online. Visit eyeonwater.com/signup and follow these steps: Enter your service area zip code Enter your full account number (this can be found on your water bill) Click next Enter your email address Create and confirm a password (no special requirements) You will receive a confirmation email from BEACON. You must verify your … Continued

What do I have to do to upgrade to AMI?

Nothing! The transmitter currently attached to your meter will be replaced with an AMI transmitter by City staff as part of the roll-out of our citywide upgrade in the coming months and years. The lid of your meter box may be replaced as well. No action is required on your part. In the future, the … Continued

Whose meters will be retrofitted with AMI?

Our goal is to equip all water customers in the City of Petaluma’s service area with upgraded AMI metering technology by the end of 2025. A pilot program launched in 2022 in which 58 monitors were installed throughout Petaluma on City-owned properties, City staff residences, and high-use water customers around town. Pilot customers have reported … Continued

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