FAQ Topic: Key Achievements

5 – Key Achievements 2019-2021

 Item # Description 123 Fund and support a Downtown Streets Team to assist in beautification of Downtown and outreach to Petaluma’s unsheltered population. 126 Begin planning for update of the City’s General Plan 2025. 210 Identify location, select artists, and safely install a Black Lives Matter Mural.

4: Key Achievements 2019-2021

 Item # Description 44 Consider and move forward to adopt City’s participation in Sonoma Clean Power’s Evergreen program. 48 Adopt an ordinance creating and empowering a City Climate Commission. 190 Make permanent the moratorium on new gas stations and develop a plan for building out publicly available EV charging infrastructure and capacity to meet projected … Continued

3: Key Achievements 2019-2021

 Item # Description 105 Establish City minimum wage ordinance. 184 Establish a Free Range, outdoor dining program that allows merchants impacted by the Covid Shelter in Place regulations to operate their business outdoors. 185 Reach out to individual businesses to determine how Covid shutdowns are affecting them and to see how staff could support them. … Continued

2: Key Achievements 2019-2021

 Item # Description 80 Assess and identify traffic needs and develop organizational structure to support needs, including the possibility of restoring a full-time City Traffic Engineer position. 81 Promote emergency preparedness and resiliency strategies to our residents and businesses. 83 Consider a firework and use sales ban, or other modification to current ordinance; assist the … Continued

1: Key Achievements 2019-2021

 Item # Description 1 Develop a fiscal sustainability plan with the community that balances City services with available revenues and integrates policies and identifies potential revenue sources that can ensure long-term financial health and effectiveness of the City. 2 Continue implementing strategies to reduce pension costs and unfunded liabilities. 3 Develop a budget-in-brief to provide … Continued

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