FAQ Topic: Payments & City Finance

How Do I Get a Parking Permit?

The City issues parking permits in the following situations: Reserved parking in ‘A’ Street and Keller Street parking facilities: currently there is a waiting list for these permits. Temporary construction parking permits: you need this permit for  parking construction-related equipment or vehicle in a timed parking zone.  A timed zone is usually in the downtown area … Continued

How do I pay my water/sewer bill? 

Water/Sewer/Storm bills can be paid in person or by mail (Finance Department at City Hall, 11 English Street), or online at https://www.onlinebiller.com/petaluma. Payment drop-boxes are available at City Hall to submit payment when City Hall is closed.

How do I pay Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT)?

TOT (TOT) taxes must be submitted in person or by mail to the Finance Division by the 15th of each month, using the Transient Occupancy Tax return Form. The City does not offer online payment options for TOT at this Time. For info about the TOT and how/where to submit, go to our TOT info … Continued

How do I pay my property tax?

Your property taxes are paid to the County of Sonoma. Find payment information and online payment options at the County website.

How do I pay my parking ticket?

To pay a parking ticket, use the online payment system at https://www.paymycite.com/petaluma. For questions, call (888) 300-9829. Note: The City does not accept payment at any of its physical locations.

When is my water and wastewater (sewer) bill due?

  The due date on your utility bill is 28 days from the bill date.  Late payment penalties are not assessed until 30 days from your bill date.  For more information regarding utility bills and payments, please click here.

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