FAQ Topic: Red Teepee Removal FAQ's

Will the City replace Red Teepee with another public artwork?

At this time, there are no plans to create or replace a new sculpture or any other kind of artwork at Lucchesi park. However, the Parks and Recreation department, Planning division, Recreation, Music, & Parks Commission, and the Petaluma Public Art Committee work closely to collaborate on projects and will continue to consider Lucchesi park … Continued

Did Red Teepee have to be removed?

The artwork was surveyed by several art professionals and conservation experts regarding its condition. Red Teepee did not have an adequate foundation created for long-term display and required a new foundation and footing be created in order to safely secure the artwork. The City considered these factors before making the decision to remove Red Teepee. The … Continued

What will happen to the artwork after it is removed?

The recycled steel from Red Teepee went to a local sculptor who would like to honor Peter Forakis’ legacy in future works that will be created from the recycled material. The Petaluma sculptor, who knew Peter Forakis personally, pledged to utilize the materials for new artwork projects both locally and beyond.

Why was Red Teepee removed from Lucchesi?

In 2017, local artists and arts advocates approached the Petaluma Public Art Committee about the deteriorating condition of Red Teepee with the hope that the Committee would allocate resources to conserve the sculpture in place.  On September 28, 2017, the Public Art Committee discussed the condition of Red Teepee, including preliminary ideas for conservation efforts. … Continued

Why was Red Teepee at Lucchesi Park?

Red Teepee was part of a temporary art exhibition entitled “Look Out West” in 2003 located in Lucchesi Park. The exhibition featured sculptures by various artists and was organized and curated by Suzanne Wibroe. The exhibition’s artworks, including Red Teepee, were loaned to the event through a curatorial agreement between Wibroe and the City of Petaluma. This … Continued

Who was the artist that made Red Teepee?

Local artist Peter Forakis created Red Teepee in the year 2000. Forakis’ studio was located off Lakeville Street in Petaluma. Forakis passed away in 2009 and left the artwork to the Peter Forakis Art Foundation. Forakis’ work is considered significant and influential by many, including San Francisco Chronical art critic Kenneth Baker, who credited him … Continued

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