FAQ Topic: Sidewalks

Other questions?

For more information about financing, please contact the Finance Department at (707) 778-4341. For information about the Encroachment Permit process or sidewalk repair questions, please contact the Public Works & Utilities Department at (707) 778-4303.

What if I want to dispute the charges?

You may attend a public hearing before the City Council to dispute the charges. A date and time will be provided in your invoice. At the public hearing, the City Council will hear and pass upon a report on the cost of the repair together with any objections or protests, if any, which may be … Continued

What if I default on making payments?

Once the execution of a finance agreement takes place, this agreement serves as a legal document. If an owner defaults, does not pay the invoice by the due date, the City in its sole discretion may choose to collect amounts owing through a lien and/or special assessment on the property and billed on the annual … Continued

How much is the administration fee?

The administration fee is currently $320.00 and may be updated annually to reflect the full cost of staff time managing the sidewalk work and finance agreement. This fee covers costs such as: mailing notices, make or receive phone calls, meet with property owners, manage contractor, inspect work and set-up financing arrangement. A $5.00 monthly statement … Continued

How much can be financed?

The total invoiced amount can be financed. This invoice amount includes sidewalk repair, tree removal if necessary and the program administration fee.

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