FAQ Topic: SolarApp+

What if the contractor wants to do a panel upgrade at the same time?

There will be no difference in the application for SolarAPP+. There will be a question on the City’s Portal that allows the contractor to specify whether a panel is being modified. If there is a modification, there will be a fee charged for Electrical Service, Meter Replacement-1.

What happens if the contractor changes or requires resubmittal of plans?

SolarAPP+ allows up to 3 revisions under the $25.00 fee. They must resubmit the application to SolarAPP+ and once the resubmittal is approved, they will receive a modified permit number, for example: Original SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-A First Approved Revision SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-B Second Approved Revision SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-C Third and Last Approved Revision SolarAPP+ ID: … Continued

Who can apply for a SolarAPP+ permit?

Contractors who have completed training and are approved by SolarAPP+ are the only applicants that are accepted to use this streamlined process on SolarAPP+.

Why are we incorporating SolarAPP+ in our solar permit process?

In 2022, California passed SB 379 which “requires most California cities and counties to implement an online, automated permitting platform that verifies code compliance and issues permits in real time or allows the city, county, or city and county to issue permits in real time for a residential solar energy system.” SB 379

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