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City Council Meeting March 20, 2023

In case you missed it, highlights of last night’s City Council meeting include: The Sonoma Water Agency presented its 2023-2024 budget & rates Council approved: Paving project for Garfield Drive (click here for attached map) A new Housing Element for the period 2023-2031 as part of the City’s update to our General Plan, and as required by State … Continued

Petaluma Warehouse Lofts

Project Name: Petaluma Warehouse Lofts Address:  800 Petaluma Boulevard South [Map It] APN: 008-313-016 City Record Number: PLSR-2022-0037 Applicant Name: Frank Dostal Project Description: Minor exterior modifications are proposed to the existing building, associated with converting it into eight lodging units, a reception area for the hotel use, and one retail space fronting the Boulevard, on … Continued

MacDuff Work/Live Unit

Project Name: MacDuff Work/Live Unit Address: 307 Bodega Avenue [Map It] APN: 006-301-025 City Record Number: PLSR-2022-0026 Applicant Name: Brent Russell, Architect, Studio 202 Date of Decision: On or after November 21, 2022 Project Description: The application proposes construction of a 2-story, 2,160 square foot structure to be used as one work/live unit and to be constructed toward the … Continued

Sepaher 4-unit Residential Building

Project Name: Sepaher 4-unit Residential Building Address:  315 Lakeville Street [Map It] APN: 0007-154-013 City Record Number(s): PLSR-2022-0031 & PLMA-17-0008 Applicant Name: Architect Nicholas Lee, on behalf of property owner Nancy Sepaher Date of Decision: On or after Tuesday December 19, 2022 Project Description: Proposed modification of the 4-unit residential building previously approved for the … Continued

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