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What is the Alcohol Use Policy when renting facilities at the Fairgrounds?

Alcoholic beverages may only be served at City Parks and Recreation facilities upon City approval in accordance with this policy. Alcohol is strictly prohibited at events with 50% or more of participants under the age of 21. Approval to sell alcohol at City facilities must be obtained from the Director of Parks and Recreation or … Continued

Do I need to hire private security for my event?

Private security is required for all events. Security services may be obtained from any security agency licensed, bonded, and insured by the State of California. The City does not endorse any particular vendor, however a list of companies is available in the facility rental booklet. Private Security may not apply to some programming. The Parks … Continued

What kind of insurance do I need to rent space at the Fairgrounds?

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Description Block Name and Event Date Certificate Holder City of Petaluma Office of the City Clerk c/o 320 N. McDowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954 Additional Insured The City of Petaluma, its officials, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers are listed as additional insured. Liability Amounts Each Occurrence: $1,000,000 (in an occurrence policy) Damage to … Continued

What Fairgrounds facilities can I rent?

Whether you are looking to host a personal event or a business function, the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and Event Center offers a variety of spaces to fit your needs, you can even rent the whole fairgrounds! The Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and Event Center is nestled on 60+ beautifully landscaped acres in the City of Petaluma. With several … Continued

How much do Fairgrounds deposits cost and when do I need to pay them?

Deposits are due at time of reservation. The deposit will be refunded in its entirety within 4-6 weeks after the event, so long as there is no property damage and/or additional cleaning required. *The deposit is subject to change based on size, history of event, event type, and/or hours*   RENTAL CATEGORIES NON-PROFIT: For events … Continued

How do I rent space at the Fairgrounds?

Read through the Fairgrounds Rental Packet, and fill out/initial the ”Petaluma Fairground Application” on pages 9-21. Then, contact us to learn more and share your vision with a staff member: Email: [email protected] Call: 707-778-4380

How do I provide feedback?

The draft Objective Design Standards will be published in mid-September 2023, and information about how to provide feedback will be provided with the published document.  

What is the proposed schedule?

City staff are preparing for two Planning Commission study sessions in October 2023. A public hearing before the Planning Commission is planned for November 2023. After conducting a public hearing, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council to either adopt the Objective Design Standards or direct staff to make modifications before … Continued

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