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Amendment to Redwood Business Center Master Sign Program

Project Name: Amendment to Redwood Business Center Master Sign Program Address: 1205 Redwood Way [Map It] APN: 007-411-034 City Record Number: PLSR-2022-0038 Applicant Name: David Ford of Sign Services Date of Decision: October 25, 2022 The application seeks approval to amend the Redwood Business Center Master Sign Program to allow installation of a 35 square foot Home sign located at … Continued

Terms & Conditions – L2L Rebate

Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of funds. Rebates cover the cost of equipment used for a greywater system only. This excludes tax, delivery, and labor. Be an active Petaluma water customer. Residential single-family or duplex sites only. Be the property owner, or have written consent from the owner. Submit … Continued

Greywater System Requirements – L2L Rebate

Greywater must be distributed at least:  18 inches from the property line; 2 feet from buildings;  50 feet from any septic tank or leach field; and  100 feet from wells, waterways, or other water sources.  Greywater piping/tubing and the diverter (3-way) full-port ball valve shall be the same diameter as or larger than the clothes … Continued

Landscape Requirements – L2L Rebate

All greywater must be gravity-fed and distributed from the clothes washer to a pre-approved landscape area that is large enough to absorb the greywater.  Mulch basins are required. A mulch basin is a trench dug around the outer edge of a plant’s drip line and back-filled with mulch. A plant’s “drip line” is an imaginary … Continued

Program Requirements – L2L Rebate

Use only a single domestic clothes washing machine in a residential single-family or duplex site only. You must adhere to state and local regulations, including Chapter 15 of the California Plumbing Code No filters, no tanks, no potable water connection, and no pumps (except for the pump in the clothes washer itself) are allowed or … Continued

How to Appeal a Review Authority Decision

The decision may be appealed by the applicant or by any other interested party within fourteen (14) calendar days following the date action is taken on a project by the Review Authority. If no appeal is made within that time, the decision shall be final. An appeal shall be addressed to the City in writing … Continued

How to Comment on a Project

You can share comments with the Project Planner during the Planning review process, with the Review Authority and/or Project Planner when the project is published for scheduled review by the Review Authority and/or during a scheduled public meeting or public hearing if one is required. TYPICAL PROJECT REVIEW PROCESS Application Submittal > Planning Review > … Continued

AT&T Wireless Telecommunications Facility “FA 10072685 / CCL00355”

Project Name: AT&T Wireless Telecommunications Facility “FA 10072685 / CCL00355” Address:  1300 Commerce Street [Map It] APN: 007-630-001 City Record Number(s): PLUP-2022-0023 & PLSR-2022-0032  Applicant Name: Beth Broussard, for TSJ Consulting Inc.  Date of Decision: On or after Tuesday December 20, 2022 Project Description: Alter an existing wireless telecommunications facility on the roof and within … Continued

Sepaher 4-unit Residential Building

Project Name: Sepaher 4-unit Residential Building Address:  315 Lakeville Street [Map It] APN: 0007-154-013 City Record Number(s): PLSR-2022-0031 & PLMA-17-0008 Applicant Name: Architect Nicholas Lee, on behalf of property owner Nancy Sepaher Date of Decision: On or after Tuesday December 19, 2022 Project Description: Proposed modification of the 4-unit residential building previously approved for the … Continued

McDowell Traffic Impacts

During construction, traffic control measures will be implemented for safety. Every effort will be made to minimize impacts to traffic, however delays may happen and should be expected during heavy commute hours.

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