FAQ Topic: L2L Greywater Rebate

Terms & Conditions – L2L Rebate

Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of funds. Rebates cover the cost of equipment used for a greywater system only. This excludes tax, delivery, and labor. Be an active Petaluma water customer. Residential single-family or duplex sites only. Be the property owner, or have written consent from the owner. Submit … Continued

Greywater System Requirements – L2L Rebate

Greywater must be distributed at least:  18 inches from the property line; 2 feet from buildings;  50 feet from any septic tank or leach field; and  100 feet from wells, waterways, or other water sources.  Greywater piping/tubing and the diverter (3-way) full-port ball valve shall be the same diameter as or larger than the clothes … Continued

Landscape Requirements – L2L Rebate

All greywater must be gravity-fed and distributed from the clothes washer to a pre-approved landscape area that is large enough to absorb the greywater.  Mulch basins are required. A mulch basin is a trench dug around the outer edge of a plant’s drip line and back-filled with mulch. A plant’s “drip line” is an imaginary … Continued

Program Requirements – L2L Rebate

Use only a single domestic clothes washer in a residential single-family or duplex site only. You must adhere to state and local regulations, including Chapter 15 section 1503.1 and 1503.1.1 of the California Plumbing Code. No filters, no tanks, no potable water connection, and no pumps (except for the pump in the clothes washer itself) are allowed … Continued

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