FAQ Topic: Streets

What is the street sweeping schedule?

The City of Petaluma partners with Recology for street sweeping, recycling, organics, and solid waste services. You can learn more about the street sweeping schedule at their website HERE or by calling (800) 243-0291. To learn more about the partnership between Petaluma and Recology, visit our Garbage & Recycling page.

How do I report a street-related problem?

Contact the Public Works & Utilities Department for street-related problems (see the list below). Call (707) 778-4303, send email to [email protected] or submit a service report to or through our citizen request site. Street-related problems include: Broken/burned out streetlight Broken traffic signal or crosswalk, Pothole Overgrown vegetation.  

How does the City decide which streets to re-pave?

The City’s approach is to maintain and repair roads rather than re-pave them altogether. We prioritize to prevent streets in good to fair condition to poor or failed condition. This allows the City to make the best use of our paving funds. To report a street in failed condition or to report a pot-hole, contact … Continued

How does the City fund street repair?

Street maintenance and improvement monies come into the City from a number of sources, each restricted for specific uses. Federal funds – allowed only for specific types of work on specific streets; Redevelopment funds – for reconstruction only on streets within the redevelopment are (PCDC) when determined by City Council to assist in removing blight; … Continued

Who is responsible for street trees?

The owner of the property fronting the tree is responsible for maintenance of trees in the planter strip between the sidewalk and the street. All vegetation in the public right of way must be property maintained by the property owner to allow safe and unobstructed passages of pedestrians and traffic. Vegetation clearance should be 8-foot … Continued

Who is responsible for sidewalk repair/maintenance?

The owner of the property fronting the sidewalk is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, curb, gutter and planting strip in a non-hazardous condition. Although the City of Petaluma has an easement to allow safe pedestrian access, it is not responsible for maintenance and repair. Property owners are potentially liable for personal injuries caused by their … Continued

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