Inclusive Communications

City communications play a major role in embracing and modeling inclusivity in our community. Through ensuring every Petaluman has access to City communications, we ensure every voice in our city is heard, considered, and valued. The result? Policies, programs, and services that serve the true needs of our community. Below are some ways of the ways we strive for inclusivity in our communications:


From our website to our public meetings to our social media channels, we strive to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. These standards require organizations to offer and maintain websites that people with disabilities can use and access. We welcome your feedback on how we can continue to improve: [email protected].


Petaluma is proud to be home to a large Spanish-speaking population. It is our pleasure to make much of our City communications (like emails, website content, social media posts, and flyers) available in both Spanish and English so each of our community members has access to important information. Key public meetings are also broadcast in both Spanish and English. Additionally, we have equipped our website with a translate button to easily turn English to Spanish.

Learn more here: Ayuda en Español


In an effort to understand, engage, and inform Petaluma’s Latinx residents, we work closely with organizations that have deep roots in the Latinx community to spread the word about important events, services, and more. Some of our partners include:
If you would like to become a City of Petaluma Latinx partner, please contact Ingrid Alverde, Director of Economic Development and Open Government, at [email protected].
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