FAQ Topic: Tenant Protections FAQ's

What if I have questions?

The City will be conducting an information meeting in late September 2022. This meeting will be oriented for property owners, property managers, and nonprofit tenants rights organizations. However, any member of the public is welcome to join. For details about the meeting or to contact City staff, please contact the City Housing Manager at [email protected] 

What would a tenant protections urgency ordinance do?

The City Council has directed that staff prepare an urgency ordinance for possible adoption at the September 12, 2022, City Council meeting to continue in Petaluma Covid-related eviction protections like those Sonoma County enacted that will expire on September 22, 2022. The urgency ordinance, if adopted by the City Council, will take effect September 22, … Continued

What tenant protections does the Ordinance provide?

The tenant protections ordinance requires the following: Property owners/landlords must provide notice to tenants about their rights under the Ordinance: within thirty days of the Ordinance taking effect; when entering a new rental agreement; when renewing a rental agreement; when giving notice of a rent increase; and within thirty days of amendments to the Ordinance … Continued

What are the “Just Causes” that justify terminating a tenancy and evicting a tenant under the Ordinance?

Like the Tenant Protection Act, the Ordinance separates the “just causes” for terminating a tenancy into “for cause” and “no-fault” just causes.  “For Cause” Just Causes  Failure to pay rent within three days of receiving written notice from the landlord demanding payment.  Continuing violation of material terms of the rental agreement after written notice to … Continued

Does this ordinance affect my residence?

The Ordinance applies to all residential rental units in Petaluma in which a tenant has lawfully resided for a continuous period of six months or more, except for: Dwelling units a. that are owned by a government agency; or b. that receive rent subsidies from a government agency so that the tenant’s portion of the … Continued

When does this Ordinance take effect and when does it expire?

The City Council is scheduled to consider adoption of the Ordinance at the September 12, 2022, City Council meeting. If adopted the Ordinance will take effect thirty days later on October 12, 2022.   When the City Council introduced the Ordinance on August 1, 2022, they included a sunset provision.  As a result, if the … Continued

Why was the Ordinance enacted?

On May 2, 2022, the City Council voted to include “Adoption of Tenant Protection Ordinance Package” as one of its Top Ten Goals for Fiscal Years 2022-2024. The Ordinance helps fulfill this Council goal.  The tenant protections in the Ordinance include limits on tenant evictions in addition to the eviction restrictions in the Tenant Protection … Continued

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