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The City of Petaluma conducts general municipal elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even-numbered years. The right to vote is a fundamental freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. It allows us the right to choose the people who represent us and make the laws that we all live under.

We encourage you to REGISTER TO VOTE and, if you're interested, to run for public office.


The next regular election is the November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election.

Important dates related to the upcoming election are listed here: CALENDAR OF EVENTS


The City Clerk serves as the City’s Election Official who, with support from the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters, administers Federal, State and Local procedures through which local government representatives are elected. The City Clerk assists candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during and after an election. From election pre-planning to certification of election results and filing of final campaign disclosure documents, the City Clerk manages the elections process which forms the foundation of our democratic system of government. For election related questions, please reach out to the City Clerk at [email protected].


The upcoming November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election will be the first district-based election for the City of Petaluma. The City has been mapped into six districts of nearly equal population. Voters in each district will vote for one eligible candidate to represent them on the City Council. Districts 1, 2, and 3 will be the first three districts to elect district representatives in 2022. Districts 4, 5, and 6 will then elect district representatives in 2024. The Mayoral seat will continue as an at-large seat, and will be elected in 2022.

Use the City's district lookup tool to find your voting district and additional information and resources:

English Map   |   Mapa en Español

To learn more about the City of Petaluma's transition to district elections in 2022, please click here.


County Voter Information Guide

State Voter Information Guide


Sonoma County is now officially a "Voter's Choice Act" County. Sonoma County previously conducted most elections using a traditional polling place model. The New Voter's Choice Act election model gives voters more flexibility in choosing how, when, and where to cast their ballots.  As part of this model, the County will mail a ballot to all registered voters for each election in which they are eligible to participate, and the County will now offer a combination of official drop boxes and vote centers instead of polling places. Vote Centers differ from polling places in that they are open multiple days (not just on Election Day) and voters are not assigned to a single location; instead, they can go to any voter center in the County and receive the correct ballot.

List of Official Ballot Drop Boxes and Vote Centers

Interactive Map of Official Ballot Drop Boxes and Vote Centers


Live Video Feed of Sonoma County Ballot Counting Room

Where's My Ballot? Ballot Tracking

(Posted starting at 8:00 PM on Election night and updated periodically. Not official until declared so.)


Candidates must file a FPPC Form 501 before soliciting or receiving contributions. This form is to be filed hard-copy at the City Clerk's Office. This form is considered filed the date it is postmarked or hand delivered. The City Clerk's Office has limited counter hours, from 10am - 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The form can be mailed outside of those hours and will be considered filed as of the date it is postmarked.

Additional campaign finance disclosures are due throughout the election period. All disclosures are to be filed electronically through the City's approved electronic filing system: NetFile. Information regarding when and where to file the various statements is available here: www.fppc.ca.gov/learn/campaign-rules.html.

All campaign finance disclosures are available to the public here: CAMPAIGN FINANCE DISCLOSURES


The nomination period for the November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election is now closed. The final list of candidates is below.

*available for public review

Ballot Designation
District/Seat Contact Information Code of Fair Campaign Practices Pledge
Kevin McDonnell 
Petaluma City Councilmember*
At-Large Mayor [email protected] Yes*
D'Lynda Fischer
Petaluma City Councilmember*
At-Large Mayor 707-775-4483
40 Fourth Street #280
[email protected]
Patrick Flower
Retired Process Re-Engineer*
At-Large Mayor 707-769-0416
1917 Falcon Ridge Dr.
Susan Kirks
Conservation Consultant
At-Large Mayor 707-779-9788
911 Lakeville St., #142
[email protected]
Janice Cader Thompson
Community Volunteer*
District 1 Councilmember 707-774-5912
732 Carlsbad Ct
Dylan Lloyd
Information Technology Consultant*
District 1 Councilmember 707-527-2527
1425 Sylvia Way
David Adams
Business Owner/ Realtor*
District 2 Councilmember 707-694-0988 Yes*
John Shribbs
Teacher/Scientist/ Conservationist*
District 2 Councilmember 707-479-5651
108 Wyndham Way
Bobb Kosoff
Medical Professional*
District 2 Councilmember 707-779-2466 Yes*
Robert Conklin
Truck Driver*
District 3 Councilmember N/A Yes*
Karen Nau
District 3 Councilmember 707-529-2487
1268 Berrydale Dr
John Hanania
Small Business Owner*
District 3 Councilmember 707-766-4754
1505 Eric Ct
[email protected]
[email protected]

Contact the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters for information on the Petaluma School Board Election*


Political and campaign signs do not require a permit. Signs on behalf of candidates or measures shall be erected not earlier than 90 days prior to the election (Wednesday, August 10, 2022) and shall be removed within 15 days after such election (Wednesday, November 23, 2022). Additional restrictions, including size and permitted locations, are listed in Section 20.100 of the City's Implementing Zoning Ordinance, available here: Zoning Ordinance Section 20.100.


Candidates may voluntarily take the Code of Fair Campaign Practices Pledge (Division 20, Chapter 5, Elections Code). The table above indicates which candidates subscribed to the following:

There are basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play which every candidate for public office in the State of California has a moral obligation to observe and uphold in order that, after vigorously contested but fairly conducted campaigns, our citizens may exercise their constitutional right to a free and untrammeled choice and the will of the people may be fully and clearly expressed on the issues.


    1. I SHALL CONDUCT my campaign openly and publicly, discussing the issues as I see them, presenting my record and policies
      with sincerity and frankness, and criticizing without fear or favor the record and policies of my opponents or political parties that merit this
    2. I SHALL NOT USE OR PERMIT the use of character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on
      any candidate or his or her personal or family life.
    3. I SHALL NOT USE OR PERMIT any appeal to negative prejudice based on a candidate's actual or perceived race, religious
      creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sexual orientation, sex,
      including gender identity, or any other characteristic set forth in Section 12940 of the Government Code, or association with another person
      who has any of the actual or perceived characteristics set forth in Section 12940 of the Government Code.
    4. I SHALL NOT USE OR PERMIT any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our American system of
      free elections, or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters including acts intended to hinder or prevent any
      eligible person from registering to vote, enrolling to vote, or voting.
    5. I SHALL NOT coerce election help or campaign contributions for myself or for any other candidate from my employees.
    6. I SHALL IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY REPUDIATE support deriving from any individual or group that resorts, on behalf of
      my candidacy or in opposition to that of my opponent, to the methods and tactics that I condemn. I shall accept responsibility to take firm action
      against any subordinate who violates any provision of this code or the laws governing elections.
    7. I SHALL DEFEND AND UPHOLD the right of every qualified American voter to full and equal participation in the electoral

I, the undersigned, candidate for election to public office in the State of California or treasurer or chairperson of a committee
making any independent expenditures, hereby voluntarily endorse, subscribe to, and solemnly pledge myself to conduct my campaign in
accordance with the above principles and practices.

Voter Information

For information about voter registration, polling places, mail-in ballots and other election-related details, please check out the following websites:

Secretary of State Elections Division

Sonoma County Registrar of Voters


picture of elections and flag

City Clerk's Office

11 English Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
[email protected]
(707) 778-4360

City Clerk's Office Hours:

Virtually 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Thurs
In-Person 10:00am-2:00pm Tues/Thurs
Closed on Fridays
Also available by appointment
*Nomination papers may be pulled and filed by appointment only

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