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Police Report Requests

Click HERE for police report requests. Please do NOT use the Public Records Act form below to request a police report.

California Public Records Act

The California Public Records Act gives members of the public the right to inspect and to obtain copies of reasonably identified, non-exempt, existing public records.

To submit a Public Records Act request, click HERE or download the form HERE and submit it in person, or postal mail.

Please list the requested records and be as specific as possible. City staff will be happy to assist records requesters by describing relevant City information technology, the location where records are kept, and by making suggestions for avoiding practical obstacles to obtaining the records sought.

City staff will respond to most requests within ten (10) days of receiving a request. For some requests, such as those involving voluminous records, The City may take up to an additional fourteen (14) days to respond. The City will inform requesters when non-exempt records or parts of records will be provided, and whether any exemptions apply. The City will provide records requested in electronic form in the form requested if it is one in which the City maintains the records.


The City may require payment of the direct cost of duplication or of the applicable statutory fee before providing copies of public records. The direct cost of duplication of most City records is $0.31 per page. City staff can provide copy charges for other media. Staff will inform requesters of estimated copying charges. Requests to ship copies may be subject to payment of shipping costs.

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