3 Tips to a Faster Permit Process

Business start-up or expansion projects often trigger the need for permits from different City divisions/departments. The first two questions people ask after, “Which permits do I need?” are “How much do they cost?” and “How long will it take to get them?”

For most of the permits it issues, the City has estimates based on past practice and current staffing levels. Some projects are more complex than others and thus will take longer than standard estimates. Another factor: the level of experience and preparation of the permit applicant, i.e., you or the person applying for the permit on your behalf.

How can you make the timeline and cost align with the City’s estimates? Here’s the short answer:

  • Use City Resources to Scope Your Project
  • Hire the Right Professionals to Develop the Permit Plans and Manage the Process
  • Submit Complete Plans Stamped by a Licensed Design Professional

Read on for the long answer…and to learn why these fast permit tips make a difference.

For assistance with your business start-up, contact the Economic Development Division at [email protected].

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