Free Range Program

In response to COVID-era restrictions on indoor dining, the city launched a pilot program called Free Range, which provided a way to support our local restaurants and patrons. Not only did it provide a way for our community to connect through food, but also helped restaurants stay in business. To create these spaces, the city repurposed public parking spaces into places for our community to gather.

The city is considering an expansion of the pilot Free Range program with a concept called Parklets, which converts parking spaces into places for people to meet and enjoy our community. Parklets create fun, safe, and thriving public spaces that benefit our entire community and we want to hear from you! The goals of the program are as follows:

  • Expand public spaces and places for community
  • Activate downtown
  • Promote active transportation by cultivating a comfortable and sustainable environment
  • Provide family-friendly social spaces
  • Increase foot traffic in downtown
  • Beautify Downtown

For info about the program development process, contact Karen Shimizu, Deputy Director of Community Development Department, [email protected]

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