Managing our Floodplain, Planning for Floods

Did you know that Petaluma has experienced five major floods since 1982? Following heavy rains, certain areas of our city are vulnerable to flooding where waters can cover low roads and fill underpasses, viaducts, parking structures and basements.

These areas are known together as the Petaluma floodplain. Our floodplain follows the Petaluma River, and it provides many benefits to our ecosystem. The floodplain is not only an important habitat for wildlife, but it helps to store, filter, and protect our groundwater. At the same time, most of our floodplain has experienced some level of flooding during significant storms. These floods, both large and small, have damaged homes and structures, temporarily closed roads, or disrupted utilities.

Petalumans are much safer than in decades past because we have invested in important improvements around our river and adjacent floodplains. However, weather patterns are changing, and mother nature can surprise all of us and bring about localized flooding that can affect any area of our city. Even if you do not live in an identified flood zone or adjacent to the River or a creek, your property could still be at risk.

Check out the links on this page for additional information about current flood alerts, preparing for your property and family for floods, and how we manage our floodplain.

Information for Floodplain Residents

Not sure whether you live in the floodplain? CLICK HERE to view the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map for Petaluma and find out if you live or work within the floodplain.

Read through this guide, Information for Flood Zone Residents (haga clic aquí para español), for important resources on how be prepared before and during a flood if you live within a flood zone.

Finally, learn how you can get flood insurance from the Federal Government at a discounted rate at the link HERE.

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Floodplain Management

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