Public Safety Power Shutoffs


In order to reduce the risk of wild fires, energy companies like PG&E will turn off power in certain areas during times of extreme fire danger. This type of power outage is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff, or PSPS. Scroll down for info about what to do before, during, and after a PSPS.

A Power Shutoff could occur with little notice and last for hours or even days. Because the electric system is so connected, Petaluma could experience a Power Shutoff even if there is not a high fire risk in our immediate area.

The City of Petaluma is working hard to make sure our systems and staff are prepared for a Power Shutoff. We ask that you do the same for yourself, your family, your business, and your neighborhood. Don’t wait for a power shutoff to happen and hope for the best. Get prepared NOW. Help your neighbors and friends–particularly those with medical needs that require electricity–get prepared, too.

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