Banner Permit

The City Manager's office is in charge of issuing permits for banners hung across D Street and Kentucky Street.

Who can have a banner hung?

  • Only nonprofit or community events can be advertised.
  • No political campaign advertising is permitted – this includes local races such as school board, hospital board, city or county elections.

Where can the banner hang and for how long?

  • Banners can be hung in two places:
    • Location #1 – D Street – 149 C Street and 200 First Street
    • Location #2 – Kentucky Street - 140 Kentucky Street and 141/143 Kentucky Street
  • Banners may be hung for a maximum two-week period, on a space-available, first come/first served basis.
  • Only one banner may be hung at each location at any one time. Banners may be printed on both sides, however, if nonprofits choose to share banner space.

How do I get the Banner Made and Hung?

The City does not design or hang the banners. It is the permittee’s responsibility to arrange for the design, production, and hanging of the banners.

  • Banners must have slits cut in them to allow the wind to pass through.
  • Location of hooks for the banners are on private property, and property owners do not permit ladders placed against their buildings.
  • You must arrange to have your banner hung by a sign company or by a company who has a bucket truck.  Check the phone directory for licensed companies providing this service.

How do I apply for a permit and get help?

  • Download and submit the application with permit fee to the City Manager's Office.
  • Reservations may be made up to one year in advance.
  • The cost for a banner changes each new Fiscal Year. Please consult the City of Petaluma Fee Schedule for the current cost.
  • Call 707–778–4345 for assistance.
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