Public Safety is Everybody's Job

Keeping our community safe is the most important thing we do - and that work takes many forms. When you think of safety, police and fire often come to mind. Yet, there are other ways city staff keep us all safe. The City builds and maintains safe roads and traffic control systems,  delivers and monitors clean water, makes sure buildings are safe, and monitors the flood plain to help avert flooding. Our finance team keeps tax payer money safe and accounted for and our human resources team makes sure all staff are safe while they do their job. Much of the work many of our teams do rely on technology that is provided and secured around the clock.

An often invisible activity the city staff handles is staffing and training an emergency operations team. That team stands ready to report to work and provide emergency services during an emergency. This is not just the police and fire department. This also includes all utility workers, inspectors and administrative employees. In fact, you may not know that all city employees are disaster service workers and are required to report to work during a disaster.



Keeping Petaluma SAFE

Emergency Preparations

Streets & Public Places

Traffic Engineering Division

Water & Sewer Utilities

Flood Alert and Response

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