Employee Policies

Acceptance of Gifts
Active Military Duty or Training
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Bilingual Proficiency and Certification Form
Bilingual Testing and Certification Policy
Catastrophic Medical Emergency Leave Sharing Plan
City of Petaluma Records Retention Schedule
City Owned Vehicles on City Business
Contract Change Order Policy
Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug and Alcohol Policy
Domestic Partnership Law
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy
Education and Training Reimbursement
Electronic Systems E-Mail
Employee Political Activities Policy
Employment of Relatives and Consensual Relationships
Family and Medical Leave Policy and Request Form
Fraud Prevention and Control
Injury and Illness Prevention Policy 5.22.18
Internet Use and E-Mail Policy
Lactation Accommodation Policy
Living Wage and Leave for Designated City Employees Policy
Notification of Change in Personal Status
Overtime Approval and Reporting
Overtime Compensation for Part-time Employees Policy
Paid Parental Leave Policy and Request Form
Performance Appraisal Philosophy and Policy
Personnel Rules and Regulations City of Petaluma
Pregnancy Disability Leave Policy
Prevention of Workplace Harassment Policy
Privately Owned Vehicles on City Business
Probationary Periods by Classification
Remote Work Policy
Reporting of Injury-Illness to Cal-OSHA
Safety and Physical Environment of the Community
Short-term Temporary Disability Benefit Program
Smoking Ordinance
Temporary Seasonal Paid Sick Leave Policy
Unit 4, Unit 9, and Unit 11 Temporary Assignment Pay
Use of Cellular Phone/Communication Devices
Vehicle Use Policy
Wildfire Smoke Policy
Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
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