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Petaluma’s affordable housing program has built or improved 1,336 housing units for low income families. This equates to 22% of all the housing units built in Petaluma over the past 15 years. The housing program also manages the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The CDBG is a grant program that provides funds to the City to pay for projects and programs that help low income households. The City works with local nonprofit partners to create and manage the local housing projects and programs.

The Housing Program collects fees from new development to fund the cost to make housing affordable. One fee program, called the Commercial Linkage Fee, collects money from commercial development. The other program, called the In-Lieu Fee, collects fees from housing development.

Twice a year, the City of Petaluma conducts a vacancy survey to measure the number of rental vacancies in properties with 30 or more units. These numbers are then compared to the county-wide statistics and used as a measure for future housing needs assessment.

Sue CastellucciSue Castellucci has been working in affordable housing since 1999 and began working at the City of Petaluma in the Housing Division in 2005 as a Housing Coordinator.  In 2015 she was promoted to the Housing Administrator and strives to partner with the nonprofit agencies to be successful in providing housing and services to the City’s low-income community.

"The Housing Division's mission is to provide a balance of safe, affordable and stable housing for the broad spectrum of our community’s very-low, low and moderate-income residents – from those who are homeless to those who are first-time homebuyers. "

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