Project Homekey – The Studios at Montero

Like most cities across the country, some in our community experience homelessness. There are complex reasons that lead to homelessness and the City of Petaluma is committed to helping our most vulnerable and protecting our community. 

In September 2021, the Petaluma City Council declared a shelter crisis in Petaluma in recognition of the urgent need for shelter faced by a significant and growing number of people in the community. Declaring a “crisis” empowers the City of Petaluma to take necessary steps to address these important issues.

We are pleased to announce that the City of Petaluma and Burbank Housing have been awarded $15,680,382 in State of California funding through its Project Homekey program. The award will support the creation of 60 single occupancy permanent supportive housing (PSH) units at the Studios at Montero (formerly America’s Best Value Inn Petaluma) at 5135 Montero Way in northeast Petaluma, and once completed will be the largest Homekey-funded PSH project in Sonoma County. To read the official public release, click here.

Project Information

Project Manager: Karen Shimizu, Housing Manager
Contact Information: [email protected]
Project Completion Date: October 2022
Budget: Housing and Community Development Grant $13.883 Million and County and City local match of $1.532 Million

Project Description
The Studios at Montero is located at 5135 Montero Way, Petaluma, CA. The property is two-story with two adjacent buildings connected by a catwalk. All units intended for residents are the same 207 square feet rooms with no separate bedroom and a single-use bathroom. The City of Petaluma and Burbank Housing are partnering to convert the site into a supportive housing project providing permanent homes for 60 people experiencing homelessness. All 60 of the units would be assisted units dedicated to people who meet the definition of “Chronically Homeless.”

Upon its completion, the Studios at Montero would provide housing for over 10% of the chronically homeless population in Sonoma County identified through the 2020 PIT count.

The project is located within walking distance of many amenities, including an active bus stop. It will be staffed by a full-time resident manager residing on-site in an existing manager's unit, night time security will be provided through its first year. Burbank Housing is partnering with the Committee on the Shelterless (COTS) to provide comprehensive supportive services to all project residents. COTS will lead the services team providing services to all residents through a Program Manager, Services Coordinator, three caseworkers, and a Clinical Supervisor.

Current Status
On March 10, 2020 Petaluma and Burbank Housing were officially awarded $15.6 Million in State Homekey funds.

Project Timeline

Homekey Application Submitted December 6th, 2021
Homekey Award Issued March 2022
Purchase of 5135 Montero Way Motel site March/April 2022
General Contractor to be Selected March 2022
Building Permit Application to be Submitted April 2022
Issuance of Building Permits and Start of Rehabilitation Construction May/June 2022
Rehabilitation Construction Phase June to October 2022
Construction Completion and Start of Operations October 2022


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