Fire Announcements

Recruit Academy - April 2022

Beginning April 4, 2022, running for (8) consecutive weeks, your Petaluma Fire Department will be conducting a Recruit Training Academy where recruits will learn skills in various modalities such as Rescue, Auto-Extrication, EMS, and Fire Control.

You may see groups of firefighters and fire engines conducting training around the city. One high public visibility location where we will be doing “hands-on training” in-vehicle extrication (dismantling vehicles with the “jaws of life”) will be at the Petaluma Airport. In the open lot fronting E. Washington, you may observe cars that look like they were involved in an accident. These vehicles are purposefully damaged to simulate situations firefighters encounter. We have done our best to install privacy screening to reduce any unpleasant visuals of damaged cars.

Seeing Fire Apparatus and Equipment in public may appear as we are dealing with an emergency; however, in the described circumstances, we are just ensuring our recruits have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve our great city.

If there are any questions and or concerns, please direct them via email to: [email protected]

The Petaluma Fire Department wishes to thank our surrounding partners for their assistance during our recruit academy and our citizens for their flexibility and understanding.

Petaluma Fire Department Reminds Residents to Prepare Properties, Emergency Plans Ahead of Fire Season

Petaluma Fire Department and the Sonoma County Fire Prevention Officers Association are asking residents to begin taking steps to prepare properties and update household emergency plans, ahead of wildfire season. Proactive measures taken now while there is more time at home during the public health emergency could go a long way to protect citizens and properties for the next several months during the height of a potentially hot and dry season.

Click the links below for info on how you can get prepared!

City Weed Abatement Program Info 
Wildland Fire Action Plan - Ready, Set, Go!
Emergency Preparedness Info - COPE Booklet

Activities include:

  • Maintaining a ‘defensible space’ of at least 30 feet around the home; trim back trees, especially low hanging branches and branches near rooflines a distance of at least 10 feet. In residential neighborhoods where this may not be possible, clear weeds from yards and follow the additional guidelines below.
  • Cleaning the roof and the gutters of debris and rake up and remove leaves from around your home.
  • Move wood pile and other combustible materials away from your home or deck.
  • Inspecting and repairing exterior siding, including dry rot, gaps, cracks, and warping to protect your home from embers.
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