What is CUPA?

CUPA stands for Certified Unified Program Agency programs.

These programs regulate how hazardous waste is stored and used. The programs include the Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP), the Hazardous Waste Generator, the Underground Storage Tank, the Above-ground Petroleum Storage Tanks, the Accidental Release Prevention, and the portions of the California Fire Code that address hazardous materials.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for the City of Petaluma's CUPA programs.

CUPA Review

A permit is required to install new tanks, remove old tanks, or repair/test tank systems. Click here to apply for a permit.

Click here to download a current version of the Hazardous Materials Business Plan.

Once the information has been completed, documents can submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau by mail, email.

Hazardous Waste in the Community

One responsibility of the CUPA is to share information with the public on facilities within their community that handle hazardous materials. Requests for CUPA file review must be made through the Fire Prevention Bureau by filling out a Public Records Review form.

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