Forms and Documents

Above Ground Storage Tank Removal Requirements Fire Prevention
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Sprinkler Checklist Residential Building InfoFire PreventionBuilding Forms
Carbon Monoxide Alarms Residential Building InfoAdditionsNew ConstructionFire PreventionBuilding FormsPlanning and Building
CERS Guidance Fire Prevention
Electronic Reporting Lead User Authorization Fire Prevention
EPA Tier 1 Facility Template Fire Prevention
Fire Alarm Contractors List Fire Prevention
Fire Hazard Severity Zone Map Fire PreventionFire
Fire Permit Application Fire PreventionPermit Application FormsFire
Fire Prevention Fees Fire Prevention
Fire Protection Engineer List Fire Prevention
Haunted House Standards – Fire Prevention Fire Prevention
Hazardous Waste Disposal Firms Fire Prevention
High Pile Storage Racking Checklist – Building and Fire Requirements Fire PreventionBuilding FormsBuilding Department Handouts
Home Sprinkler Requirements Residential Building InfoLandscaping & TreesFire
Hood Duct Installation Checklist Fire Prevention
Outdoor Firepit, BBQ, and Fireplace Requirements Repair, RemodelFire
Petaluma Fire Application for Release of Incident Report Fire
Petaluma Fire Request for Public Records Fire
Ready, Set, Go Fire Prevention
Residential Sprinkler Requirements Residential Building InfoFire Prevention
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Self Verification Form Residential Building InfoAdditionsNew ConstructionRepair, RemodelInstallationsFire PreventionBuilding FormsPlanning and Building
Smoke Alarm Location & Info – Residential Commercial Building RequirementsStorageAdditionsNew ConstructionRepair, RemodelFire PreventionBuilding FormsPlanning and Building
Sprinkler Contractor List Fire Prevention
Sprinkler Maintenance Field Inspection Guide Fire Prevention
Tents & Canopies Permit Requirements & Standard Fire Prevention
Underground Storage Tank CUPA Guidelines Fire Prevention
Underground Storage Tank Removal Requirements Fire Prevention
Weed Abatement Fire PreventionFire
Weed Abatement Contractors List Fire PreventionFire
Weed Abatement Guidelines Updated 2020 Fire PreventionFire
Weed Complaint Form Fire Prevention
Worker’s Compensation Declaration – Fire Prevention Fire PreventionFire
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