Fire Protection Systems

Fire Sprinkler Retrofit

Fire codes require that sprinklers and/or other fire protection systems in certain commercial settings and as part of certain residential or commercial construction projects.

Review the information below, then contact the Fire Protection Bureau to find out what the requirements are.

Phone: 707-778-4389
Email: [email protected]

Depending on the size your project, you may consider requesting an appointment with the Development Review Committee (DRC), which meets weekly and is composed of staff from all departments that require permits. For more information about the DRC, please see the DRC website and/or email [email protected].


Sprinklers must be installed in the following types of residential structures:

  • New construction
  • Residential Additions
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Remodels - new/remodeled square footage is more than 50% of the existing space

In some cases, the water supply (water lateral) coming from the water main serving the structure is not big enough to support a sprinkler system. In that case, the homeowner will need to upgrade the water lateral. Contact the Public Works Department at 707-778-4546 for information about the water lateral upgrades.

Water Flow Requests

Water Flow Requests are handled through the Public Works Department. Please contact them at 707-778-4546.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge or Disposal

Fire Extinguishers cannot be recharged or disposed of by the Fire Department. Please use the link below to find a company that can help you with recharging or disposing of fire extinguishers:

Fire Extinguisher Recharge or Disposal


Special fire permits and protection systems must be installed in these situations:

Historic Downtown Fire Sprinkler Ordinance

In November 2004, the City Council passed an Ordinance (No.2194 NCS) amending the Petaluma Municipal Fire Code requiring property owners located within the “Historic Downtown Business District” to install (retrofit) automatic fire sprinklers in their buildings.  The Ordinance specified compliance dates to install fire sprinklers that were both contingent on the fire main being installed and in place within specific geographical areas of the Historic Downtown District.  Buildings within this zone are required to have automatic fire sprinklers installed in accordance with Petaluma Municipal Code Section 903.6.5, which can be found here.

A hi-res map also is available below:

Historic Downtown Sprinkler Ordinance Area

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