Paula Lane Nature Preserve


Preserving Petaluma's Natural Beauty: An Update on Paula Lane

In 2012, Petaluma acquired 11 acres of open space on Paula Lane at Sunset Drive, aiming to preserve it for community enjoyment. Our top priority has been restoring this area to its natural state, benefiting local wildlife and native plants. Years of neglect had led to invasive plant overgrowth, impacting wildlife habitats and creating wildfire hazards.

Experts have determined that controlled grazing is the most effective method to remove invasive species, improve soil health, and reduce wildfire risks. Grazing will help clear overgrowth and prepare the soil for native plants. Similar programs have successfully supported healthy ecosystems, benefiting species like the endangered American Badger that inhabits this land.

To support this initiative and limit human access, we're repairing and refining the existing fence to protect both the property and local wildlife. We understand concerns about local deer and will adapt the fencing to support wildlife movement while keeping grazing animals in and people out.

Please note, there will be no permanent electric fencing on the preserve. While a small number of cows are recommended for short-term grazing, we haven't finalized the grazing species or duration. We'll host a public meeting to gather community feedback before launching the program.

We're committed to improving this preserve and value our shared community goals.


For questions or concerns, contact Patrick Carter at (707) 778-4560 or [email protected].



Paula Lane Nature Preserve Grassland with trees
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