Shollenberger Park

Originally a ranch that was purchased by the City of Petaluma in 1970 for the purpose of using it as a dredge-spoils site (a place to dump mud during river dredging) Shollenberger Park is a 165 acre open space area that is both the largest and most visited park in Petaluma. Along with the neighboring Alman Marsh and Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, this area is commonly referred to as the "Petaluma Wetlands" due to it's unique ecosystem and location next to the Petaluma River. The park is well-known for it's two mile circular trail and one mile cutoff trail that allow for a multitude of activities, including expansive wildlife viewing. To learn more about the park's unique ecosystem and what is being done to preserve it, visit the Petaluma Wetlands's Alliance website.

Location: 1400 Cader Lane, Petaluma, CA, 94954

picture of park bench
picture of shollenberger park
picture of waterfront
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