Tennis and Pickleball

Tennis and Pickleball Instruction

Register for youth and adult tennis classes here.

Tennis and Pickleball Rules

  • Hours of Operation: 6:00am– 10:00pm Daily  (Municipal Code 13.28.040)
  • Peak Pickleball Times: 8:00am - 12:00pm (everyday) & 4:30pm - 7:30pm (Monday - Thursday). No pickleball rentals or instruction during peak times.
  • One tennis and/or pickleball court must remain open for public use during all scheduled programming (classes, leagues, etc).
  • Courts are First Come, First Serve.
    • Except for the Following:
      • Parks & Recreation Sponsored Classes
      • Posted Team Matches and Practices
      • Special Events Hosted by the City of Petaluma
  • Use Courts at Your Own Risk
  • Tennis or Athletic Shoes Only; No Cleats
  • Private Lessons Prohibited, Except by City Permit
  • No Food, Glass, or Alcoholic Beverages
  • No Bicycles, Skateboards, or Roller Blades
  • No Pets

Tennis and Pickleball Court Reservations

Reservations for our tennis and pickleball courts is for league play only.
No private rentals of tennis and pickleball courts.

Download the rental packet here.

Tennis and Pickleball Court Availability

View tennis court schedule and availability here.

Petaluma Tennis Association

Petaluma Tennis Association (PTA) is a grass roots not-for-profit organization comprised of tennis enthusiasts with a goal to make the sport of tennis affordable and accessible to all persons residing in the Petaluma Community and the Greater North Bay.

Petaluma Tennis Association website

Petaluma Pickleballers Group

Check out Petaluma Pickleballers on Facebook here.

How to play Pickleball

pickleball rules

Tennis and Pickleball in the News

Argus Courier Editorial - Click HERE 

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Pickleball History - Click HERE 


Tennis and Pickleball Court Locations

LUCCHESI PARK - 320 N. McDowell Blvd: 3 Tennis Courts (One Striped for Pickleball), 4 Dedicated Pickleball Courts
LEGHORNS PARK - 690 Sonoma Mountain Parkway: 4 Tennis Courts
MCNEAR PARK - 1008 G Street: 2 Tennis Courts (One Striped for Pickleball)
DEL ORO PARK - 1228 Del Sol Way: 1 Tennis Court (Striped for Pickleball Also)

McNear Park Tennis Court
Lucchesi Park Tennis Courts
Del Oro Park Tennis Courts
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