Building Permit Requirements

Projects that DO NOT require a permit

All work, regardless of whether or not a permit is required, shall comply with the State and Uniform Codes, City Municipal Codes and City Ordinances. Please check with other City of Petaluma Departments for their requirements. Departments may require approval and/or permits for work not mandated to have a permit by the Building Division.

  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Landscaping
  • Floor Covering
  • Clean Up Interior
  • Wall or floor tile
  • Concrete Patio
  • Painting/wallpaper
  • Carpet
  • French drains
  • Door replacement
  • Very minor sheetrock repair, such as small hole repair
  • Play house/tree house
  • Cabinet faces
  • Detached storage building having a floor area less than 120 square feet, no electrical, mechanical or plumbing installed, and no finish on interior walls such as wallboard or pegboard - these buildings will still need to meet zoning setbacks
  • Plumbing fixtures where plumbing is not changed
  • Plug cord connected spa/hot tubs
  • Electrical receptacles, lights, switches (replacement)

Projects that DO require a permit

Click here to see the project type list.

photo of architectural tools

Most construction and installations require permits.  The permits make sure construction is safe and secure.


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