Accessory Dwelling & Junior Accessory Dwelling Requirements PDF (250 KB)
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Sprinkler Checklist PDF (104 KB)
Addition/Remodel Info – Residential PDF (245 KB)
ADU and JADU Informational Handout PDF (213 KB)
ADU Checklist – Residential PDF (234 KB)
All Electric Construction Requirements PDF (190 KB)
Alternate Materials Or Methods of Construction Application PDF (246 KB)
Appliances Installed in Garages – Protection PDF (335 KB)
As Built Plan Check and Inspections PDF (229 KB)
Authorization of Agent to Act on Property Owner’s Behalf PDF (253 KB)
Bathroom Remodel Permit – Residential PDF (216 KB)
Building Height Calculation Handout PDF (166 KB)
Building Inspection Procedures PDF (207 KB)
Building Permit History Request PDF (214 KB)
Building Permit Plan Check Fees PDF (115 KB)
Building Permit Supplemental Application-Contractor (required) PDF (299 KB)
Building Permit Supplemental Application-Owner/Builder (required) PDF (319 KB)
Building Plan Check Turnaround Requirements PDF (204 KB)
Business License Safety Inspection Checklist PDF (194 KB)
CALGreen Building Design and Construction Verification PDF (238 KB)
Carbon Monoxide Alarms PDF (217 KB)
Certificate of Occupancy PDF (207 KB)
Change in Use or Occupancy Classification PDF (195 KB)
Commercial Tenant Improvement Information PDF (253 KB)
Community Development Department Information PDF (218 KB)
Construction Drawings General Information PDF (226 KB)
Construction Info – Residential PDF (289 KB)
Construction Waste Management Form PDF (357 KB)
Cool Roofs Requirements PDF (228 KB)
Cost Recovery Form PDF (178 KB)
Deck Info – Residential PDF (210 KB)
Development Impact Fee Matrix PDF (131 KB)
Electric Vehicle Charger Checklist PDF (325 KB)
Electronic File Preparation Standards PDF (268 KB)
Fee Information PDF (212 KB)
Fence Permit Application Form PDF (188 KB)
Fence Permit Info Sheet PDF (372 KB)
Foundation Work Information Handout PDF (203 KB)
Garage and Carport Construction Information PDF (234 KB)
Garage Conversion to Living Space PDF (232 KB)
Gas Pressure Tests – Information PDF (218 KB)
Generator and Transfer Switches Handout PDF (192 KB)
Grading & Drainage Info – Commercial PDF (220 KB)
Grading & Drainage Info – Residential PDF (227 KB)
Gray Water Laundry to Landscape Guidelines PDF (325 KB)
Guidelines for Plan Organization and Sheet Identification PDF (117 KB)
Handrail and Stairs Info – Residential PDF (426 KB)
Handrail Info – Commercial PDF (253 KB)
Heritage or Landmark Tree Deed Restriction PDF (168 KB)
Heritage or Landmark Tree Nomination Form PDF (159 KB)
Heritage Tree List PDF (45 KB)
Home Sprinkler Requirements PDF (190 KB)
How to Get a Building Permit PDF (235 KB)
Impact and Capacity Fee Refund PDF (101 KB)
Lead Abatement Information PDF (472 KB)
Lighting Standards – Residential PDF (4.2 MB)
Lot Line Adjustment/Merger Application Checklist PDF (196 KB)
Permit Checklist – Commercial PDF (206 KB)
Permit Checklist – Residential PDF (223 KB)
Permit Extension Request PDF (299 KB)
PEX Use Requirements PDF (206 KB)
Planning Fee Schedule PDF (186 KB)
Pre-Manufactured Building Information PDF (104 KB)
Residential Fire Sprinkler Checklist DOC (157 KB)
Residential Pool/Spa Information PDF (291 KB)
Residential Replacement Windows PDF (260 KB)
Residential Sprinkler Requirements PDF (190 KB)
Resubmittal of Plans Guidelines PDF (183 KB)
Retaining Wall Detail – Standard PDF (257 KB)
Sea/Land (Containers) Cargo Boxes Used as Storage Buildings PDF (227 KB)
Site Plan Sample PDF (72 KB)
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Self Verification Form PDF (227 KB)
Smoke Alarm Location & Info – Residential PDF (270 KB)
Soils Report Information PDF (208 KB)
Solar Photovoltaic Requirements PDF (254 KB)
Solar PV Storage Battery Requirements PDF (221 KB)
SPAR Landscape Design Standards PDF (165 KB)
Special Inspection and Testing Procedure PDF (366 KB)
Special Inspection Approved Agencies PDF (130 KB)
Special Inspector Application PDF (196 KB)
Standards for Securing Buildings PDF (365 KB)
Stop Work Order PDF (237 KB)
Swimming Pool Demolition Guidelines PDF (201 KB)
Tankless Water Heater Information PDF (212 KB)
Temporary Electric Service Information PDF (222 KB)
Temporary Gas Meter Authorization PDF (235 KB)
Tree Removal Permit (City Property/Public ROW) PDF (95 KB)
Trees – Approved List PDF (664 KB)
Trellis/Patio Cover Information PDF (221 KB)
Unreasonable Hardship Application PDF (260 KB)
Visitability and Universal Design – Residential PDF (263 KB)
Water Use Efficiency Improvements PDF (258 KB)
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