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Residential Permits

There is no better feeling than coming "home" to a comfortable, well-designed, and safely constructed residence. Whether you own your home, rent from someone else, or rent out a property, you want to make sure that every project undertaken at your home/property is completed safely and according to City standards and State Building codes. Following the rules, even if it takes a little more time or money, is not only the law -- it's what will keep everyone in your house safe in an emergency.


Link to our complete list of handouts for residential building permits. Or, use the search tool for a specific handout.

What is a Permit?

Not everyone understands the permitting process. Learn the basics and link to other resources.

Tips for Success

Learn how to avoid common permitting pitfalls in the permitting process.

Owner/Builder Reqs

Read up on the legal requirements and best practices for DIY building projects.

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