Commercial Building Permits

You'll need to get permits from the Building Division any time you're constructing a new commercial building, modifying the inside or outside of an existing commercial building, or installing equipment in or next to a commercial building. You might need permits from other departments as well.

The city offers many resources to help you identify which permits you will need, when you will need them, and how to navigate the permitting process. The key to success is to contact us early in the process, such as before you sign a lease or purchase agreement, or before you approve a project plan, budget, and timeline.


Scope Your Project

Link to our online scoping tool and learn about other resources to help you navigate the permitting process.


Find the handouts you need to submit your commercial building permits.

Tips for Success

Read our tip sheets for info about hiring the right design professional, identifying permits, and avoiding common permitting pitfalls.

Plan Review

Learn about the City's Development Review Process and the Building Department's Plan Review process.

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