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Contact Police: When and How to Contact Us

Need Police Department help but not sure where to go? Below we offer different scenarios and the appropriate contact information.

Emergency - 911

Call 911 in situations when the call involves an in-progress emergency and time is of the essence. For example, there is a vehicle collision and no one is moving or there are signs of extreme injury; someone is breaking into a home; there is a fight and weapons are being used; kidnapping or child abduction kidnapping in progress.

You would also call 911 for a suspected DUI.

Call 707-762-2727 to place an emergency call from your cell phone.

911 is not for missing animals, speeding vehicles, noise complaints, or to report a theft that occurred a long time ago.

For non-emergency issues, please contact 707-778-4372.

Crime in Progress

These are incidents that are actively occurring and need immediate attention, yet are not critical emergencies. Examples are someone actively breaking into a vehicle, a physical fight, cars engaged in a street race, etc.  Call the Police Department Dispatch at 707-778-4372.

For these reports as much information available is helpful.  Physical descriptions of involved persons and clothing, vehicle make model license plate and color, direction of travel, location, etc.

File a Police Report

Some incidents are best reported using our online CopLogic tool. You'll want to use CopLogic for incidents that involve stolen property (with some exceptions), identity theft or fraud, vandalism, or harassing phone calls AND where there are no known suspects. The tool lists which types of incidents can be reported online.

Other incidents should be reported to the Police in person at the Police Station (969 Petaluma Blvd North) or by phone (707-778-4372). Examples of when to file a report in person include stolen vehicles or firearms; harassment or fraud where there is a known suspect; and property stolen from your person.

Anonymous Reporting/Tips

If you have information about a crime that has been committed, you can use our anonymous reporting tool to submit it. The tool will ask you questions and will allow you to upload images.

Other ways to submit a crime tip are by phone (707-781-1200) or by e-mail to PPDTIPS@CITYOFPETALUMA.ORG.

Read more on our crime tips page.

Safe Return - Alzheimer's Registry Program

If you have a loved one who can benefit from this service, please submit a Safe Return form to be added to the registry.

Abandoned Vehicle

Please report parking and abandoned vehicle complaints to 707-776-3710.


Report graffiti to 707-776-3606.

Commendations or Complaints about Police

All Police Departments of the State of California are required by law to have a process by which community members may make a complaint against police personnel. To submit a commendation or complaint about Police Department personnel, please complete the official form (see below) and return by mail or in person to the Police Station at 969 N. McDowell Blvd. You can also make your complaint/commendation by phone at 707-778-4372.

Police Personnel Commendation/Complaint Form:

Get a Report that has been Filed

You will need to submit a public records request to obtain a police report that has been filed. There are restrictions on who is entitled to a police report. Read more here.

Get a Traffic Report Online

Go to our online traffic report request center.

Animal-Related Concerns

Call North Bay Animal Services at 707-762-6227. If their office is closed, a message on their answering machine will direct you to next steps.



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Our goal is to provide our team and our community the support they need.

by Lieutenant Ron Klein

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