Police Services

Our Police Department has many facets. How can we serve you? Scan the list below to find what you need.

Submit Crime Tip

Learn how to provide information about a crime that has been committed or your concern about potential crimes.


Find out how the Department is organized and the responsibilities of the different Divisions.

Get Reports

Learn about the types of reports available, the restrictions about who can receive them, and how to request reports.

District Policing

Read about the approach we take in keeping our community safe and secure.

Transparency Portal

We share information about our policies, training, and other aspects of our Department through our Transparency Portal.

Contact Police

Get info about when you should contact the Police and the best ways to do so.


We publish certain Police Department policies because the law requires it or because it is a matter of concern to the community. The policies we share related to automated license plate readers, body cameras, and other police activities. At the heart of every policy is a concern for public and officer safety.

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