Police Staff Directory

Adam Wirtz Police Officer 707-781-1228 Email
Alyssa Hansen Detective 707-781-1291 Email
Amy D’Avanzo Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1222 Email
Andrea Demo Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1230 Email
Andrew Good Police Officer 707-781-1264 Email
Arthur Farinha Police Officer 707-781-1245 Email
Ashley Thompson Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1274 Email
Benjamin Schott Police Officer 707-781-1207 Email
Bonnie Johnson Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1255 Email
Brandon Haug Police Officer 707-781-1220 Email
Breanne Boggs Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1232 Email
Brian Maldonado Police Officer 707-781-1238 Email
Brian Miller Chief of Police 707-778-4370 Email
Brie Jorgenson Evidence Technician 707-781-1271 Email
Carlos CJ Ramirez Police Officer 707-234-4540 Email
Carlos Cornejo Police Officer 707-781-1293 Email
Chris Ricci Police Officer 707-781-1275 Email
Clare Torina Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1286 Email
Clint Barbour Police Officer 707-781-1203 Email
Cody Giles Police Officer 707-781-1250 Email
Colin Wolford Police Officer 707-781-1247 Email
Corie Joerger Detective 707-778-4456 Email
Daniel Boyd Detective 707-778-4334 Email
David Arvizo Police Officer 707-781-1218 Email
David Hutchinson Police Officer 707-778-4597 Email
Demetrius Dickerson Police Officer 707-781-1236 Email
Eduardo Estrella Police Officer 707-781-1206 Email
Eric Vega Community Service Officer 707-781-1213 Email
Gabriel Coello Information Technology Specialist III 707-778-4441 Email
Garrett Glaviano Lieutenant – Field Services Division 707-778-4439 Email
Garrett Sholin Police Officer 707-776-3721 Email
Georgina Bugarin Victim Advocate 707-778-4533 Email
Graffiti Hotline Graffiti Hotline 707-776-3606
Ingrid Bromham Police Records Supervisor 707-778-4462 Email
Jacob Boes Police Officer 707-781-1216 Email
Jacob Smith Police Officer 707-781-1244 Email
Jacob Vedder Police Officer 707-781-1241 Email
Jake Gutierrez Sergeant - Patrol Division 707-778-4532 Email
Jared Rebizzo Police Officer 707-781-1226 Email
Jenifer Row Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1289 Email
Jennifer Straub Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1209 Email
Jeremy Walsh Lieutenant- Field Services Division 707-776-3743 Email
Jillian Van Riper Police Officer 707-781-1210 Email
Joe Edwards, Jr. Parking Enforcement Officer 707-781-1221 Email
John Silva Police Officer 707-781-1219 Email
Julie Reese Police Records Tech I 707-778-4453 Email
Katherine McCoy Senior Management Analyst 707-778-4375 Email
Kelsey McCarthy Community Engagement Liaison 707-778-4458 Email
Kerri Neve Police Property Technician 707-778-4328 Email
Kristina Capeheart Evidence Technician 707-778-4457 Email
Leslie Wong Police Records Tech II 707-778-4587 Email
Lisa Weston Parking Enforcement Officer 707-781-1259 Email
Marcella Perdomo Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1231 Email
Marie Horton Communications Supervisor 707-781-4331 Email
Mario Giomi Sergeant - Patrol Division 707-776-3722 Email
Matthew Parnow Lieutenant – Field Services Division 707-781-1204 Email
Matthew Williams Police Officer 707-781-1242 Email
Morgan Rasmason Police Officer 707-781-1201 Email
Nathan Good Police Officer 707-781-1262 Email
Nicholas Acton Police Officer 707-778-4444 Email
Nicholas Bautista Police Officer 707-781-1272 Email
Nicholas Camilleri Police Officer 707-778-4335 Email
Nicholas McGowan Deputy Chief of Police 707-778-4325 Email
Nicholas Raccanello Sergeant - Patrol Division 707-781-1263 Email
Nicholas Thompson Police Officer 707-781-1249 Email
Nicholas Zavala Community Service Officer 707-781-1217 Email
Parking Citation Review Parking Citation Review 707-781-1280
Patrick Gerke Sergeant- Admin Services 707-778-4530 Email
Paul Gilman Sergeant - Patrol Division 707-781-1223 Email
Prince Nagi Police Officer 707-781-1243 Email
Property Department Property Department 707-778-4328
Rachel Harris Community Service Officer 707-781-1239 Email
Rebecca Scott Police Records Tech II 707-778-4454 Email
Reed Monsen Police Officer 707-781-1285 Email
Reid Daut Police Officer 707-781-1208 Email
Richard Clark Police Officer 707-781-1267 Email
Ryan DeBaeke Sergeant- Patrol Division 707-778-4455 Email
Ryan McGreevy Sergeant - Investigations 707-781-1205 Email
Ryan Suhrke Sergeant- Patrol Services 707-781-1214 Email
Sandra Correia Police Records Tech II 707-778-4327 Email
Sarah Derderian Police Officer 707-710-8044 Email
Savannah Patocchi Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1246 Email
Sawyer Johnson Police Officer 707-781-1270 Email
Shanley Mansour Training Coordinator 707-778-4449 Email
Shannon Buono Police Officer 707-781-1227 Email
Spencer Neve Police Officer 707-781-1225 Email
Stacey Gambonini Senior Administrative Assistant to Police Chief 707-778-4370 Email
Steven Clustka Police Officer 707-781-1251 Email
Steven Hutchison Police Officer 707-781-1215 Email
Steven Murden Police Officer 707-781-1240 Email
Steven Pomatto Property Technician 707-331-1897 Email
Tawny Pabros Police Officer 707-781-1229 Email
Tim Harmon Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Officer 707-776-3710 Email
Tina Thomsen Technical Services Manager- Technical Services Division 707-778-4337 Email
Trey Tobin Police Officer 707-781-1237 Email
Tyler Locke Police Officer 707-710-8649 Email
Uriel Vazquez Police Officer 707-781-1248 Email
Walter Spiller Sergeant- Traffic 707-778-4596 Email
Watch Commander Office Watch Commander 707-778-4451
Zilverio Rivera Sergeant - Patrol Division 707-781-1277 Email
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