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Police Staff Directory

John Antonio Police Officer 707-781-1204 Email
Joel Auerbach Police Officer 707-781-1220 Email
Mia Avila Public Safety Dispatcher 707-778-4587 Email
Robert Barnes Police Officer 707-781-1238 Email
Watch Commander Office Watch Commander 707-778-4451
Carlos Basurto Police Officer 707-781-1211 Email
Daniel Boyd Police Officer 707-781-1205 Email
Ingrid Bromham Police Records Assistant II 707-778-4372 Email
Georgina Bugarin Victim Advocate 707-778-4533 Email
Nicholas Camilleri Police Officer 707-781-1232 Email
Bonnie Johnson Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1255 Email
Rafael Cardenas Police Officer 707-781-1212 Email
Amy Cates Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1222 Email
Adrianne Causey Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1278 Email
Bundavie Chea Police Officer 707-781-1210 Email
Sandra Correia Police Records Assistant II 707-778-4372 Email
Rick Cox Sergeant – Patrol Services 707-781-1213 Email
Nancy Beardsley Administrative Assistant 707-778-4370 Email
Steven Cummings Police Officer 707-781-1249 Email
Ryan DeBaeke Police Officer 707-778-4455 Email
Andrea Demo Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1230 Email
Joe Edwards Background Investigator 707-781-1247 Email
Joe Edwards, Jr. Parking Enforcement Officer 707-781-1221 Email
Eduardo Estrella Police Officer 707-781-1206 Email
Ralph Evans Background Investigator 707-776-3693 Email
Arthur Farinha Police Officer 707-781-1245 Email
Ron Flores Police Officer 707-781-1227 Email
Matthew Frick Police Officer 707-776-3720 Email
Martin Frye Sergeant – Support Services 707-778-4439 Email
Joe Garcia Neighborhood Preservation Coordinator 707-778-4558 Email
Aaron Garihan Sergeant – Patrol Services 707-781-1223 Email
Patrick Gerke Sergeant- Patrol Services 707-778-4444 Email
Paul Gilman Detective Sergeant 707-778-4415 Email
Dario Giomi Police Officer 707-781-1237 Email
Mario Giomi Police Officer 707-776-3722 Email
Garrett Glaviano Sergeant – Patrol Services 707-781-1256 Email
Jake Gutierrez Police Officer 707-781-1219 Email
Brandon Hansen Police Officer 707-781-1202 Email
Tim Harmon Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Officer 707-776-3710 Email
Robert Hawkins Police Officer 707-781-1246 Email
Marie Horton Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1233 Email
David Hutchinson Police Officer 707-781-1290 Email
Corie Joerger Police Officer 707-781-1229 Email
Ron Klein Lieutenant – Support Services 707-778-4530 Email
Stephanie Lavin Police Records Assistant II 707-778-4372 Email
Nicole Litzie Police Records Supervisor 707-778-4462 Email
Brian Miller Lieutenant – Special Services 707-778-4368 Email
Colby McCarthy Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1292 Email
Katherine McCoy Management Analyst II 707-778-4375 Email
Brendan McGovern Police Officer 707-781-1273 Email
Nicholas McGowan Sergeant – Patrol Services 707-781-1226 Email
Ryan McGreevy Detective 707-778-4334 Email
Ed Crosby Lieutenant – Patrol Services 707-778-4325 Email
Danny Miller Police Officer 707-781-1239 Email
Amy Monks Police Records Assistant II 707-778-4445 Email
Cliff Nannini Training Coordinator 707-778-4449 Email
Kerri Neve Police Property Technician 707-778-4328 Email
Spencer Neve Police Officer 707-781-1225 Email
Lance Novello Sergeant – Patrol Services 707-781-1207 Email
Kevin Olson Police Officer 707-781-1241 Email
Matthew Parnow Detective 707-781-1224 Email
Marcella Perdomo Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1231 Email
Michael Pierre Police Officer 707-781-1208 Email
Jennifer Pritchard Community Engagement Liaison 707-778-4485 Email
Nicholas Raccanello Police Officer 707-781-1263 Email
Chris Ricci Police Officer 707-781-1275 Email
Zilverio Rivera Police Officer 707-778-4597 Email
Jenifer Row Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1289 Email
Tim Lyons Lieutenant – Patrol Services 707-776-3718 Email
Tara Salizzoni Deputy Police Chief 707-776-3743 Email
Brenden Sawyer Police Officer 707-781-1248 Email
Jan Scheele Parking Enforcement Officer 707-781-1215 Email
Garrett Sholin Police Officer 707-781-1270 Email
John Silva Detective 707-778-4532 Email
Walter Spiller Detective 707-778-4456 Email
Joel Stemmer Police Officer 707-781-1294 Email
Jennifer Straub Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1209 Email
Ryan Suhrke Police Officer 707-781-1214 Email
Robert Sutherland Police Officer 707-776-3721 Email
Ladonna Thompson Evidence Technician 707-778-4577 Email
Tina Thomsen Public Safety Dispatcher Supervisor 707-778-4337 Email
Clare Torina Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1286 Email
Jenna Vernon Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1236 Email
Jeremy Walsh Sergeant –Traffic 707-778-4596 Email
Lisa Weston Parking Enforcement Officer 707-781-1259 Email
Adam Wirtz Police Officer 707-781-1228 Email
Nicholas Zavala Community Service Officer 707-781-1217 Email
Ken Savano Police Chief 707-778-4370 Email
Alyssa Weldon Police Officer 707-781-1291 Email
Nicholas Acton Police Officer 707-781-1277 Email
Drew Busse Police Officer 707-781-1260 Email
Madeline Chanin-Meiers Police Officer 707-781-1293 Email
Richard Clark Police Officer 707-781-1267 Email
Demetrius Dickerson Police Officer 707-781-1234 Email
Andrew Good Police Officer 707-781-1264 Email
Jason Jucutan Police Officer 707-781-1251 Email
David Lundgren Police Officer 707-781-1203 Email
Sarah Ponzini Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1240 Contact
Ashley Thompson Public Safety Dispatcher 707-781-1274 Email
Property Department Property Department 707-778-4328
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